1 Sakura 3,087
3 Andy 2,206
4 Mato Kuroi 1,711
5 skiptomylou 1,616

Get Started Playing ? Do you have kRO installed on your Computer? if not we advised you download and install our prepared Full installer and you are ready to go!

Getting Started!

1. Already have kRO installed and 2.6GBdata.grf? If Yes make sure that it is Fully Patched, Then Download our Ready to go HD Features & Lite Installer.

2. Extract HD Features & Lite Installer into your RO/kRO folder.
3. After Extracting, you're ready to play! but, you must register your account first here
4. Already Registered? Run your Patcher and start game!
5. Connect on Gamma (Online) Server instead of Gamma (Offline) so you can connect to the Server

If you have any problems in installation, try to find a solution on our Forums

Other Downloads!

1. You Don't have WinRAR yet? Get it here!

2. Do you want x5 Faster and Resumable/Pausable Download? Download the InternetDownloadManager Here!

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